Imagine you’re traveling to Livingstone and are trying to board a bus at Intercity. Then a random guy approaches you and offers to take you to a Ndola bus. Would you accept his offer?

The answer is no. You’re not going to Ndola.

Similarly, with music, the content you create has an ideal target audience for whom it best suits. It doesn’t matter how well you pitch you song or album, if you present it to someone who isn’t within your target audience, they won’t appreciate your work.

They might even play it. But they’ll easily realize it’s not their type of content and will skip the song and probably never play it again. They might even ignore your future work as soon as they see your name on it.

Your ideal target audience is made up of people who will not only appreciate your content but are also actively looking for its kind.

For instance: some people just don’t listen to music with explicit content. Some people only listen to reggae. Some people only listen to music in English. Some people don’t listen to music with old school beats. Etc.

1.”I listen to anything”.
Yes ba Jane, you can have a wide taste (or none), but no one listens to “anything”.

2.”I make my music for everyone.”
Ba Jeff, there’s no type of music that’s for everyone. Even the most popular music ever created isn’t enjoyed by “everyone”.

Just because you’re creating your music with no one in mind won’t make it for everyone. Aiming for everyone is as good as aiming for no one. Stop trying to reach everyone.

Understand your target audience. Who is the music you’re making best suited for? What age group? What kind of lifestyle? What kind of income? Etc.

Think of your target audience as “actual people.” Write down a profile of what those people are like, then go after those types of people. The profile will help you decide where those kinds of people are found etc.

Has someone ever forced you to buy something you didn’t want? How did that make you feel afterward?