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Wednesday July 17, 2019
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Mar 2019
Category: New Singles

rsz yande amazing grace 2

Yande | Amazing Grace Feat. Sona - Download


I was Adam and Eve, In the garden of Eden//
Set your eyes on the tree, past the leaf on the left see the serpent is creeping//
See the beautiful tree there, In the middle of Eden?//
"You can eat from any tree except that one there", is that what He said?//
Alright listen Eve take a look and see the fruit up on the tree//
How beautiful it is, I can tell you this "you will still live". Take a bite, take a bite there is bliss right here//
You will not surely die that was a lie, that was a lie!!!

The fruit gives you sight you will be like Him knowing good and evil//
The fruit gives you sight you will be like God knowing good and evil//
So she took a bite and gave to Adam too, then he did too//
They tried to cover up but everything to God is see through//

What have you done?!! 
The woman deceived me... 
What have you done?!! 
The serpent deceived me...

We fail prey to deception, and now we are stray sheep//
We fell prey to deception, who can redeem us?? Amazing Grace!!!



We're nolonger in Eden, that is nolonger our place//
We're are now in the desert, and there is no moist here//
You can check how I sweat when I labor tryna get food out of this dirt//
Man her labor is different, can you hear her screaming?? "It was all out of love, so why all is the pain Lord?? It was all out of love, so why all this pain??" 
I bore Cain and Abel, through love and pains of labor, it was all out of love now look at what Cain did to Abel!//

Now we walk dead, they smell my corpse all the way to the third//
And fourth generation we smell like death who's gonna save us??//
We enherited chains we're slaves to death, our lives are a chorus, and we're so helpless we can not stop or reverse this//

But hope came I had to follow the star, to where I saw hope rise in the Son, Shining healing on my pains and my scars, shining freedom on my chains and my bars// 
Restoring all that was broken at heart, yes indeed I was lost but I'm found, yes indeed we were lost but we're found!!//

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