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Tuesday June 18, 2019
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Oct 2018
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Martha Mukuka | Pakafye - Download


Mukuka Martha Mulenga commonly known among her peers as Kuk’C is a Gospel artist that hails from one of Lusakas greatest townships known by locals as Chelston. She was born and bread in the same area and has practically lived there most of her life. Mukuka was born on 11th September 1993, She is the Seventh born in a family of Ten children.

Mukuka attended her primary education from then Chelston Basic School. After passing her Junior examinations, she progressed to Luangwa Boarding School to pursue her junior secondary education. Mukuka then returned to her home town three years later to complete her High school from the same school she started her education journey, Chelston High School. A year later She graduated from Kays Technologies with a certificate in Information Technology (IT).

Mukuka doesn’t recall exactly when she started to sing because she has practically been singing her whole life. She spent most of her early years singing in the choir which presented her a platform to be noticed by artists. By the age of 14 years, she began singing in Studios.
She started out as a backup artist from invites she got from artists. She recounts being over shadowed by fear on the first five songs she added her vocals on. But with time she began to notice her attachment to music and as time progressed music became synced to her daily life and fear for the mic was a theme of the past for the song bird.
Mukuka’s love for music continued to grow and with time she sang along to every love song her ears to get a gist to. Through the influence she was getting she begun to write her own music and by no surprise all her lyrics were based on the topic of love. By the time she released her second record, she already caught the eye of Joy FM and her passion earned her a spot on the judge’s panel of Singing competition at the Radio station.
As the curtain continued to open wider and more opportunities started to become more tangible, a friend of hers suggested she tries to use her gifting to the service of the Lord but she only took the advice passively.
Mukukas turning point as she was attending a school crusade. She recalls having encountered God through that process and in her own words she recounts saying,

“I was attending a four days’ crusade and there was something about the atmosphere. I fell four times, once on each day during deliverance. And after that encounter I developed a desire to prefer going for scripture union than going for a gigs. My life had never been there same since then.”
Mukuka has also worked with a long list artists and also draws her inspiration from artists like: Sinach, Karen, DMK and Don Moen

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