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Saturday June 19, 2021
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Jul 2017
Category: New Singles

On My Nerves

gEO & Josh collaborate for the first time to deliver a song with daring honesty.

On My Nerves Ft. Josh - Download - Download

On My Nerves Lyrics
Yo gEO bro. If we had our own way, we would argue and fight all day man. But we're saved so different rules apply now. We let grace reign in our hearts. Yo Josh, this stuff is getting on my nerves

Heart's broken trying to let it go
Pain is hard like it is physical
And my boys say they're busy now
They owe me money they' be acting all shady now
Mama on my neck like you should get a job
You won't pay no bills with music baby you won't go so far
Phone buzzing all the time someone asking me for money
I can't do this all the time one day you won't be so lucky
When I see your life, I don't wanna be you
They tell me see your life, I'm like who are you to judge me
But I'm guessing it's impossible to be this close without a fight
That's just how life is we won't always get it right

These people getting on my nerves
Thank God I'm not sitting on his throne
Cause' I can't match up to his grace
If it wasn't for Jesus it would be on

Verse 2
Always on the phone with baby momma
You can't handle all this baby drama
You're not even sure you are the father
That's how you pay the price they call it karma
Kukululupila  pa kamwa tiziba kumankala easy
But look at the way we live we never practice living in plastic
Safer to say we're fakers safer to say we breakers of the law
but God would rather have us cover sins of neighbors more
Don't let the sun set on your anger bruh
Hold it together like a noble woman in a bra
If it was up to us we'd start a war
But we're saved different rules apply let go

Verse 3
Okay penango naine nimafunsako why ai
Couldn't you step on the toes of just some other guy
You stood up me and you told me a lie
Everyone knows but you still gon' deny
Telling me my musics not really fly
Then why am I chilling up on mt. Sinai

What did I do to deserve shade, well nothing much we just human
and when we don't know what We doing
somebody's day gon' get ruined

Get on my nerves I'll just pray for you anyway
I dont even really care what they gonna say
I gat a different love up in my DNA
That's the reason i gat hope for a better day
Take out the negative right away
Saying I'm weak then just wait for a Saturday
Showing you love and iyo tetimbwekele
Letting you fly kwati tu nakapele
I am here raising the bar
Not leaving the people with scars
Nor giving a hateful facade
But the forgiving Heart of my God

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