The Nativez online platform –, a subsidiary of The Nativez Media, was birthed out of a love for supporting music artists. Over the years we have hosted hundreds of artists and offered a platform that has made their music accessible to fans in Zambia and other countries across Africa.

As the platform grew and morphed in to a source for music fans to access lyrics, news and more, we believe we have contributed positively to Christian music in Zambia.

The Nativez Media has taken many shapes over the years. Today, our mission is to help the corporate community and creative arts community tell stories through video and audio content. Our mission will now be reflected through our online platform The website will now host new kinds of content, mainly in video format. We want to focus on telling powerful stories and are looking forward to all the collaborations that will be formed along the way.

This means the website will no longer host music, news or lyrics as it did before although existing   content will only be accessible through the search bar.

It’s a new direction for us. One to tell powerful stories through video & audio content. We at The Nativez Media are excited about this move. We invite you to walk with us on this new journey.