Gospel music artist Microphone 7 popularly known as M7 is set to drop his second studio album on 29th November. Over the years M7 has transitioned from being a hip hop rapper to an RnB/ dancehall-ish artist and yet again this time we have seen him switching up to worship. His new album is a full worship album dubbed WHIKI (Worship How I Know It).

“Pray For Me,” “Chapindimuka” and “After Your Heart” have been released as singles, giving us a snippet of what to expect on the project.

As you can see from the above, the album has 10 tracks and there are no features but we see M7 working with Solomon Plate, Church Ulukuta, F-Jay, Sam Nyambe and more.

On 11th December M7 will host a WHIKI concert where he will perform music on his album for the very first time and take attendees through the journey of Worship How I Know It.

For more info on WHIKI and the upcoming concert for the album, click here