Rapper and singer Legend’Son has announced he has parted ways with Xplode+ after being signed with the label for 2 years. Under the label he has released 7 singles, including  Aren’t we Family?, Packet of Lays, The Mask, Escape from SMAZ, Paper Plane, May’s Tattoos and I Cry. Additionally, the rapper released his debut project 24 Ep, Trapped In The 80’s Ep and his album 25 LP. Legend’Son  posted:

“I’ve been thinking of what to say since yesterday. How to perfectly construct my statement. I’ll just say it how it is.

When I signed the contract, the intention was to learn. I was asked what I hoped for in my partnership with Xplode+, I just said that I wanted to be heard. For the last two years I put out projects that most definitely wouldn’t have reached you without the help of the label and for that I’m grateful.

Seeing this picture with the headline got me a little anxious… It made me question whether my decision to leave was right or wrong (because I could have gone on). It was a two year contract though.

To Abel Black, we’ve gone back and forth over our philosophical views on music and business. On some days I let you down, I made you proud of others. If there is any dishonour, any offence I made then I am sorry. I leave with the thought that whatever I do concerning music will have your fingerprint. You’re a genuine soul. And I’m grateful for you. Keep fighting for the industry.

To Petronella, you’re my hero and an inspiration. And I wish we met while I was still part of the team. Thank you for having me on board. It’s an honour. I’m grateful for the human being that you are. I’m grateful for you.

To my former label mates, I love y’all. Each and every one of you are great at what you do. When it comes to your art, be ruthless.

To my fans… I come out of the house in home clothes and slides. You see me as a celebrity. Yuck. Thank you for listening to this regular Joe. For giving me a chance. For sharing my music when you liked it. For liking it. The comments make me think I must be doing something right. I’m not quitting music. Consider this a detour.

This is not the end. I love you all.”

What do you think is the next chapter for Legend’Son?