I have worked solo for almost all my life. Being a multitalented person; getting other people involved in my projects always seemed to slow down the process. That right there is the story of many solo entrepreneurs. Here’s how my perspective on working alone changed when I finally took the leap to work in a ‘team setting.’

First, I realized the massive benefit one can get from simply getting an unbiased opinion from another party. No matter how good you are, working solo means the blindspots remain exactly that: blindspots. It took external eyes to see my weaknesses and only then could I create better content by bringing in someone who was great at what I was not so good at. Flying solo robs you of the opportunity to benefit from the strengths of individuals more talented or differently talented compared to you. A product is refined and more powerful when several genius minds are involved.

One can chase a thousand, but two can chase ten thousand

Secondly, I am an artist and business owner and the reality is, both sides are time-demanding. Working with a team has allowed me to save so much time. How? By simply specializing in what I’m good at and handing over the next process to someone else, I have saved hundreds of hours to work on my priority–my business. Flying solo doesn’t save you time; whether it’s time to do other work or time to rest.

There is to truth in the saying “One can chase a thousand, but two can chase ten thousand.” There is no way to work-around the reality that we all need each other. Face it, no one is meant to work alone. Yes, your product is good, but it can be great through team work.

…your product is good, but it can be great through team work