This song serves as a reminder to all young women and girls to choose to Make A Difference in every sphere of influence God places them. To add value and be the positive change that the world so desperately needs.


KUPES Young Women’s Network (KUPES) founded in 2014 is a non-profit organisation devoted to the development of young women and girls; helping to shape them into leaders for positive change. It commenced its activities in February of 2015 with a membership of nine girls and has since grown to a network of over 1500 members.

KUPES believes that once women are empowered and inspired they invariably invest in the survival, education and success of the next generation.
The AIM of the network is to inspire, empower and transform young women from all walks of life. For them to be in charge of their own personal development.

The VISION is to have a society where young women have a clear understanding of their Self-Worth, Capabilities and Purpose.
The OBJECTIVES of the network:-
• Facilitate positive behavioural change. (Mind Set Change)
• Provide positive female role models (Mentors).
• Building confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and Spiritual growth.
• Empowerment for leadership, education, employment and business opportunities.
• Create opportunities for networking and social interaction.
KUPES Anchor SCRIPTURE Romans 12:2 (Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of the mind), is a constant reminder to the girls that for any change to take place, transformation of the mind is key.